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United States Mint Numismatic Product Sales Report – June 12, 2022

The United States Mint has released its weekly numismatic sales report for the seven-day period ending on Sunday, June 12, 2022. The report covers the previous seven days in numismatic product sales by the Mint and is separate from the bullion sales report. This week’s report shows that the Mint sold 70,990 numismatic products in the past week. This is down from the 155,565 in sales reported in last week’s report.

For 2022, the United States Mint has now sold 10,053,922 numismatic products to collectors, enthusiasts, and investors.

Unsurprisingly, the Mint’s newest product release was also the top selling product for the last week. The 2022 American Innovation Dollar Proof Set was released last Tuesday and amassed 58,691 sets sold. The sales figure easily made this year’s American Innovation Dollar Proof Set the fastest selling in the series history. To put it into perspective, the 2021 Proof Set has total sales of 78,182, including another 296 sets sold in the June 12th report. The 2022 set could be the first Proof Set in the series to top the 100,000 mark in sales when it is all said-and-done.

Another annual set that had strong sales this week was the 2022 Proof Set. The standard Proof Set from the Mint had reported sales of 4,136 sets, putting total sales at 261,061. Meanwhile the 2021 Proof Set is still available from the Mint and made it into the top ten selling products list this week. It was the fifth best seller and has now sold over half-a-million times since its release.

The 2021-W American Eagles continued to add to their sales total in the past week. The Uncirculated Type-2 was the third top seller with 1,346 coins sold while the Proof Type-2 was fourth with 877 coins sold. Indeed, the 2021-S American Eagle Proof Type-2 was also in the top ten, coming in sixth in the list.

Here is a complete rundown of the top ten selling products for the United States Mint for the week ending June 12, 2022

Item Description6/5/20226/12/2022Sales
2022 American Innovation Dollar Proof Set058,69158,691
2022 Proof Set256,925261,0614,136
2021-W American Eagle Silver Uncirculated (Type-2)172,943174,2891,346
2021-W American Eagle Silver Proof (Type-2 Reverse)298,699299,576877
2021 Proof Set500,374501,120746
2021-S American Eagle Silver Proof (Type-2)198,747199,366619
2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Proof Silver Dollar38,66939,156487
2021 Uncirculated Coin Set205,535205,929394
2022 Negro Leagues Baseball Proof Silver Dollar with Privy Mark17,81518,182367
2021 Silver Proof Set285,861286,175314
Top Ten Selling Numismatic Products – June 12, 2022

The United States Mint’s sales figures are public record and are available each week. They start from the previous Sunday through to the next seven days. You can find the report each week at this link.

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