United States Mint Circulating Coinage Production Report – July 2022

The United States Mint has released its Circulating Coin Production Report for July 2022, showing that across the nation’s Mint facilities that 1.1 billion coins were produced for circulation. This is down slightly from the production for the Mint in June 2022. With the exception of the Roosevelt Dime, all production was down for July 2022 when compared to the previous month.

In July 2022, the Mint report indicates that 433.2 million Lincoln Cents were produced for circulation. Breaking that figure down further, the Denver Mint produced 216.8 million while the Philadelphia Mint produced 216.4 million. This total is just a slight drop from the production in June, which was 458 million Cents. For all of 2022, the Mint has now produced 4.411 billion Cents for the nation.

Moving to the Jefferson Nickel, the Mint reported that 144.7 million pieces were produced in July. Of that total, 72.4 million were produced at the Denver Mint while the remaining 72.2 million were produced in Philadelphia. The production total represents a drop from the 157.2 million Nickels produced in June. For the year, the Mint has now minted 943.2 million Nickels for circulation.

As indicated earlier, the Roosevelt Dime was the only coin that saw an increase in production month-over-month. A total of 281.5 million Dimes were made in July, 141 million in Denver and 104.5 million in Philadelphia. While it was an increase in production, it was only slightly higher. In June 2022, the Mint produced 275.4 million Dimes. For the year, the Mint has now minted 1.829 billion Dimes.

Finally, the Washington Quarter saw a production total of 241.2 million pieces last month. 121 Million of those were pressed in Denver with the remaining 120.2 million in Philadelphia. For the year, the Mint has now made 1.543 billion Quarters for circulation. As indicated in previous reports, the Mint does not break down the types of Quarters being produced. While all will be the American Women Quarter program coins, there is not a break down for each specific design in the report.

The Mint reported that no Kennedy Half Dollars, Native American Dollars, or Presidential Dollars were produced last month.

For the year, the United States Mint has now produced 8,738,960,000 for circulation. This is down slightly from the total coin production through July 2021, which was 8,864,940,000.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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