United States Mint Circulating Coinage Production Report – February 2023

The United States Mint has released its Circulating Coin Production Report for February 2023, showing that 1.054 billion coins were produced for circulation across the nation’s Mint facilities. The February 2023 total is slightly down from the January report total of 1.2 billion. Further, production of each denomination was down when compared to the January report.

Starting with the Lincoln Cent, the Mint reported it made 426.8 million Cents for circulation last month. That total breaks down almost even across the Denver (213.6 million) and Philadelphia (213.2 million) facilities. The February total is down 12% compared to the January production figures for the Lincoln Cent. For 2023, the Mint has now produced 912 Million Cents.

Turning to the Jefferson Nickel, the Mint reported it produced 128.16 million Five-Cent pieces in February 2023. Breaking the total down, the Denver Mint produced 68.88 million Nickels, while the Philadelphia facility produced 59.28 million. Month-over-month, production of the Nickel was down 17.6%. For the year, the Mint has now produced 281.28 million Jefferson Nickel for circulation.

The Roosevelt Dime’s production total for February was down just over 10% compared to the previous month. The Mint reported it minted 276 million Dimes in the month, 143 million in Denver, and 133 million in Philadelphia. Overall, the United States Mint has produced 585.5 million Dimes for circulation this year.

Rounding out the report was the Washington Quarter, which the Mint reported producing 223.2 million last month. The Mint does not break down which of the different circulating Quarters comprise the total production figure. Breaking down the total shows that 114.6 million Quarters were minted in Denver, with the remaining 108.6 million produced in Philadelphia. The Washington Quarter had the smallest overall production decrease at 9.26% month-over-month. For 2023, the Mint has now produced 469.2 million Quarters.

For 2023, the United States Mint has produced 2.254 billion coins for circulation.

The United States Mint production report is updated monthly and is available to the public at this link on the Mint’s site.

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