USCoinNews Celebrates Five Years Online

Five years ago today, USCoinNews went online. At the time, and as I reflect on the About page, the site was aimed at the casual collector of United States coinage.

USCoinNews is a site dedicated to the casual coin collector, specifically coinage of the United States. You won’t find many posts here about ultra exotic and rare coins. Instead, our focus is to help the “normal” collector with news, information, tips and deals on coins and coin collecting supplies. You also find an occasional review of coin collecting related items.

Fast forward to today. Over the course of the past five years, 2,331 articles have been posted on the site, and nearly 5.9 million visitors have come to the site for news, information, reviews, and other U.S. coinage-related questions. Hardly a day goes by without someone either emailing or using the contact form on the About page to reach out with a question – or criticism – about something related to coin collecting or the site.

So first, a thank you. A thank you to those millions of visitors who have come by, read the articles, made purchases through the Today’s Deal posts, reached out with comments, and keep coming back. Truly, there is no reason for this site to exist without you. Thank you. A million Thank you’s.

Secondly, nothing is changing. This site is still aimed, and will continue to be, to the average collector. What is an average collector? Someone like me who has a budget each week, month, or year to add and build their coin collection. Sure, there are some investment elements, but it is mostly about getting That. One. Coin. that we want. I will continue the effort of helping my fellow collectors in that effort by providing information, news, and tips about collecting.

Here is to the next five years!


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