Mail Bag – Are Coin Roll Boxes Really Worth It?

Piles of Mail

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from Edmond who asked about coin roll boxes. The question came from a recent Today’s Deal I posted about here on the site and Edmond, rightfully, wants to know if these boxes are really worth it. Hi, You posted last week about coin roll boxes as a todays deal. I looked at them but they are really expensive for being basically a cardboard box. Are they really worth it? For …

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Mail Bag – Should I Unwrap Coin Rolls I Want to Keep?

US Mail Bag

Today’s Mail Bag question came in over the weekend and it comes from Asim H.. They asked a great question around collecting coin rolls and how to store them. Hi, I have some new rolls of quarters that I picked up at my bank. I plan on keeping some of them after I’m done searching for W quarters (Editors Note: They are looking for 2019-W Quarters that are part of the Great American Coin Hunt). …

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