Mail Bag – Are Coin Roll Boxes Really Worth It?

Piles of Mail

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from Edmond who asked about coin roll boxes. The question came from a recent Today’s Deal I posted about here on the site and Edmond, rightfully, wants to know if these boxes are really worth it. Hi, You posted last week about coin roll boxes as a todays deal. I looked at them but they are really expensive for being basically a cardboard box. Are they really worth it? For …

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US Mint to Start Sales of New Coin Rolls Storage Box Today

United States Mint Coin Rolls Storage Box (Image Courtesy of the United States Mint)

In addition to the Weir Farm America the Beautiful Quarter products that go on sale later today, the United States Mint is also opening up sales of its latest Coin Rolls storage box. The new Coin Roll Collector Box will go on sale starting at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific today. It replaces the Quarter Roll Collector’s box as well as the Dollar Coin Rolls Collector’s box. The new coin roll box is priced at …

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The Simple Joy of Coin Roll Hunting

Mercury Dimes from a Coin Roll

If you look back at how you started coin collecting, chances are it was one of two ways. Either you found something in your pocket change one day that caught your eye, prompting you to investigate and start collecting. This is how it was for me in my early teens. The other way many start is by opening up rolls of coins (coin roll hunting) and see what is inside, be it a brilliant new …

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Quick Tip – How Many Coins Are in a Coin Roll?

Roll of 2009 Lincoln Cents

One of the fastest – and frankly funnest – ways you can add coins to your modern coin collection is through a coin roll. Whether you buy a roll set from the United States Mint, or simply go get a roll or three from your bank, you can often find hidden gems in older rolls while finding great values in modern coins. Indeed, it is not uncommon if you get a roll of new Cents, …

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