Today’s Deal – 1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar in Mint State for $40

1945-P Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Earlier this morning, I posted an article about my unhealthy relationship with the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. I love this design and these coins and they are certainly one of my obsessions for what I have and what I want to have in my collection. I mentioned in that article that many late, non-key date coins are readily available for under $100 in Mint State. Today’s Deal is a great example of it. Right now …

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My Unhealthy Relationship With The Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Most coin collectors have a coin that they are obsessed with, be it one they own or want to own. For many, this is often times the first coin that turned them onto the hobby. For me, that is the Winged Head “Mercury” Dime. It was the first “old” coin I remember seeing as a teenager and it hooked me on what has been a nearly life long hobby. But there is another coin from …

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