Mint Releases Five-Ounce San Antonio Missions Coin

As part of the series of releases celebrating the release of the latest America the Beautiful Quarter, the United States Mint has released the five-ounce silver bullion coin for the new San Antonio Missions Quarter. The three-inch coin is minted at the Philadelphia facility, is made of 99.9% pure silver, and celebrates the 49th Quarter in the series.

The San Antonio Missions were among the largest concentrations of Spanish missions in North America, established in the 1700s, and helped create the foundation for the City of San Antonio, Texas. The construction of aqueducts and irrigation canals (acequias) brought water to the missions sustaining farming and ranching. The missions’ toolmaking, carpentry, looming, spinning, and masonry also contributed to the community’s ability to be self-sustaining.

This design depicts elements of the Spanish Colonial Real coin to pay tribute to the missions. Within the quadrants are symbols of the missions: wheat symbolizes farming; the arches and bell symbolize community; a lion represents Spanish cultural heritage; and a symbol of the San Antonio River represents irrigation methods and life-sustaining resources.

United States Mint
2019-P San Antonio Missions Five Ouce Reverse
2019-P San Antonio Missions Five-Ounce Reverse

The coin is available now on the Mint’s site. It is priced at $154.95 and it comes in a blue leatherette case with a certificate of authenticity. The production limit is set at 20,000 but the good news is there is no household limit. If you are wanting to pick one up for yourself or for a gift, you can head to the link above to pick one up.

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