Today’s Deal – Pre-Order 2021 American Eagle Silver Coin

Today’s Deal is actually a pre-order that you can do from the good folks at APMEX. The Oklahoma-based company has listed the 2021 American Eagle silver bullion coin as being available for pre-order. While shipments won’t be happening until mid-January 2021, you can still make sure that you get one of these coins for your collection or portfolio.

The 2021 American Eagle being offered is the bullion version so it will come “raw” as it does from the Mint to APMEX. It does not come in a case like the burnished coins or proof coins. It will not have a Mint Mark despite the fact it is produced at the West Point facility where the Mint produces the vast majority of its bullion products.

2021 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin
2021 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin

As for pricing, it largely depends on how many you want to buy and your payment method. If you buy 1 to 19 coins, where I suspect most readers will be buying, the price is $32.78 if you pay by Credit Card or PayPal. The price goes down to $30.70 if you buy 500 or more. APMEX does not set a limit on the number you can buy.

As previously discussed, the early 2021 Eagles will continue to have the inaugural Reverse that has graced the back of the American Eagle since its release. The new Reverse design will not appear until the Summer of 2021.

Unlike other Today’s Deals, is not an affiliate of APMEX. This is just a great deal and great opportunity to get in early on next year’s American Eagle.

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