APMEX Now Shipping Type-2 American Eagle Bullion Coins

After starting pre-sales back in May, United States Mint Authorized Purchaser APMEX is now shipping the bullion versions of the American Eagle Type-2 coins. The Oklahoma based company is offering both the American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins for purchase to collectors and investors with shipments happening immediately.

APMEX is offering the one-ounce gold American Eagle bullion coin for $2052.59 for up to 9 coins and if you pay by Credit Card or PayPal. If you pay by wire transfer, the price goes down to $1970.49. There are also additional discounts for buying larger quantities of the coin. Note that the prices for these coins will fluctuate as the price of bullion increases or decreases in the coming weeks.

As for the silver Type-2 American Eagle, it is priced at $41.14 for up to 9 coins if you pay by Credit Card or PayPal. If you pay by wire transfer, the price goes down to $39.49. Like the gold American Eagle, the company is offering additional discounts for larger quantity purchases.

Shipping of the coins began on July 6 and orders placed by USCoinNews were shipping late in the day. Shipping is provided by the United States Postal Service with arrivals estimated to be within 3-5 business days depending on location.

As a reminder to new collectors who have not purchased bullion coins before, a few notes. First, these coins, like the Uncirculated and Proof versions offered by the Mint, are all the same designs and specifications. It really comes down to the finish on the coin. Bullion coins, which bare no Mint Mark but are produced in West Point, will have a slightly shinier look them versus the Uncirculated with its Burnished finish. The Burnish finish is a technique the Mint uses to give the Uncirculated coins a more matte finish. You can read about the process in this article.

[Editors Note]: USCoinNews.com is not an affiliate of APMEX and receives no compensation or endorsement from APMEX for this article.

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