{Updated} Release Date for Uncirculated 2023 Morgan and 2023 Peace Dollar Announced

Update – May 4, 2023 Shortly after this article was published, the United States Mint updated its product schedule to reflect the release dates of the proof 2023 Morgan Dollar and 2023 Peace Dollar. Both of the coins will be available directly from the United States Mint on August 9, 2023.

Quietly over the past weekend, the United States Mint updated its 2023 Product Schedule to include the release dates of the uncirculated 2023 Morgan and 2023 Peace Dollars. Both coins, minted in Philadelphia, will be available on July 13, 2023. The price of the 2023 Morgan Dollar is $76.00, with a household limit of 25 coins. The 2023 Peace Dollar will mirror it both in price and household purchase limit.

Both coins are expected to have very high demand, with the Mint already announcing that the subscription programs for these coins, along with the proofs and two-coin set, near or at capacity. For example, the uncirculated 2023 Morgan is already sold out of subscriptions.

The 2023 Morgan and 2023 Peace Dollar return to the United States Mint’s releases this year after missing 2022 due to bullion and planchet challenges. The 2021 releases of these coins featured releases from the Denver and Philadelphia Mints, along with privy marked “O” New Orleans and “CC” Carson City,” two Mint facilities that made the coins in the last century. For 2023, there will only be the coins minted in Philadelphia (uncirculated) and San Francisco (proofs).

The Mint has not indicated when the proof versions of these coins will be available.

As mentioned, demand for both of these coins is expected to be very high on release day, with the Mint likely leveraging its new Waiting Room system to ensure buyers have a reasonable opportunity to make a purchase.

If you want to avoid the challenges of launch day, USCoinNews recommends using Mint’s subscription program to sign up for the coins you want to purchase. So that you know, doing that will allow you to skip the launch day shenanigans on the Mint’s site. If you want more information, just go to this link.

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