2023 Morgan and 2023 Peace Dollar Subscriptions Have Limited Availability

According to the United States Mint’s website, the various subscription programs for the upcoming 2023 Morgan and 2023 Peace Dollar now have limited availability. The subscription programs were announced in July 2022, and all five scheduled products have subscription plans available. Given the popularity of these coins in 2021, it is hardly surprising that this year’s releases will be in high demand. Readers are highly recommended to use this link to sign up for the enrollments they want in the series.

The Mint is expected to release five products in the series this year. Thanks to a notice from the Federal Reserve, we also know the pricing structure for these coins.

  • Uncirculated Morgan Dollar – $67.00
  • Uncirculated Peace Dollar – $67.00
  • Proof Morgan Dollar – $73.00
  • Proof Morgan Dollar – $73.00
  • Two-Coin Reverse Proof Set Morgan & Peace Dollar: $175.00

Each of the products above is its own enrollment, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to buy. For those new to the Mint’s enrollment programs, it is essentially a pre-order where you commit to purchasing the product when it is released. You can cancel these anytime, but the benefits include being one of the first to get your order confirmed by the Mint, not having to deal with trying to buy a product on release day, and getting free economy shipping. The Mint offers many enrollment programs for its products, which you can find here.

The 2023 Morgan and 2023 Peace Dollars are scheduled for release later this year, likely late summer.

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