An Extraordinary 48 Hours of Bullion Sales

2020-W American Eagle Uncirculated One Ounce Gold Coin (Image Courtesty of The United States Mint)

The past 48 hours have been extraordinary for those who sell bullion. It all started with a group on Reddit, the same group that focused on Game Stop stock last week, turned their attention to precious metal – specifically silver. It led to a rush to buy as much bullion as available with many companies … Read more

Mail Bag – Where to Get Precious Metal Prices

US Mail Bag

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from Andrew and it is a question I suspect more than one reader has in these days of high demand for precious metals – Where can I get daily prices? The truth is, there are a lot of resources out there and all of them report basically the same information. … Read more

APMD Reports No Significant “Panic Selling” of Gold

Accredited Precious Metals Dealer

The following is a Press Release from the Accredited Precious Metals Dealer group within the Professional Numismatic Guild, reporting that no significant panic selling of gold has been occurring in the rush to buy precious metals over the past several weeks. The buying and subsequent driving up of the spot price of gold has been … Read more

2019-W $50 Gold America Eagle Sales Start Today

2019-W $50 Gold American Eagle

The Uncirculated 2019-W $50 Gold American Eagle coin is set to go on sale today. The 22-karat bullion coin is priced at $1,640 and can be purchased directly from the United States Mint. Orders will start being accepted at Noon Eastern Time, 9:00 am Pacific. There is a limit of one per household. The collector … Read more