2020-W American Eagle Palladium Coin Sales Start Today

2020 American Eagle Palladium 1-Ounce Obverse (Image Courtesy of the United States Mint)

The United States Mint will open up sales for the 2020-W American Eagle Palladium 1-ounce coin starting today. Sales will begin at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific directly on the Mint’s site. The uncirculated coin has a mintage limit of just 10,000 and there is a household limit of one. The selling price is $3000. … Read more

Mail Bag – Where to Get Precious Metal Prices

US Mail Bag

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from Andrew and it is a question I suspect more than one reader has in these days of high demand for precious metals – Where can I get daily prices? The truth is, there are a lot of resources out there and all of them report basically the same information. … Read more

Mint Lifts Household Limit on 2019-W American Eagle Palladium

2019-W American Eagle Palladium Reverse Proof

In a surprise announcement, the United States Mint has lifted the household purchase limit on the 2019-W American Eagle Palladium proof coin. That means if you can pony up the $1987.50 for the coin, you can buy as many as you want while supplies last. The new Palladium coin dominated this past week’s Mint sales … Read more

Mint Sales Report – American Eagle Palladium Proof Soars

2019-W American Eagle Palladium Reverse Proof

The United States Mint has released their weekly sales report for the 7-day period ending September 17, 2019. As expected, the recently released American Eagle Palladium bullion coin dominated the sales charts in its first week of availability. In total, 16,690 of the coins were sold. That’s 56% of the 30,000 that will be minted. … Read more

2019-W American Eagle Palladium Bullion Coin Now Available

2019-W American Eagle Palladium Reverse Proof

After being delayed a week and a few false starts with erroneous emails about its release, the United States Mint has finally released the 2019-W American Eagle Palladium bullion coin. Minted from .999 pure Palladium, the coin is available for $1,980.50 directly from the United States Mint. The one ounce coin comes in a Reverse … Read more