Quick Tip – A Coins to Buy List Template

There are few coin collectors that don’t have a buy list. That is, a list of coins that they want to buy to complete a set or just to have as part of their collection. When your collection is small it is pretty easy to keep up with your buy list because, well, everything is on your buy list. But as your collection grows, it can be hard when you are looking online or at a coin show to remember if you have that 1919-D Lincoln Cent or not.

I’ve put together a simple Buy List template that you can use to help you keep your list organized. It is simple and by all means feel free to modify it to suit your needs. I put this out there as a tool to help my fellow collectors get started with one.

First, I have created these spreadsheets in both Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel so you can use them in either the apps on your Mac or PC.

When you open up these files, you will see that the first tab is your template. Just duplicate that for the various coin types that you are wanting to add to your buy list. As an example, you will see I have a Lincoln Cent page in the file. That is the list of Lincoln Cents I need to buy to round out my collection.

Next, on the Lincoln page, you will see I have divided it up with three different price points: VF-20, AU-50 and MS-60/65. I’ve gone through and added the 2019 Red Book prices to give me a feel for how much that coin is going to cost me. The idea here is to make sure I don’t overpay for a coin in a certain condition. The last column on the sheet is where I can write in the purchase date of the coin.

The nice thing is that if you use an iPhone and Numbers, you can view this spreadsheet in the mobile Numbers app while you are on-the-go. That also goes for Excel on both Android and iPhone. You can download them from either the Google Play Store or the App Store for Apple. Just remember that for Excel, you will have to have the app either loaded directly on your Android or iPhone or, better yet, have it in your OneDrive account so you can access it from anywhere.

Coin Buy List in Numbers on iPhone
Coin Buy List in Numbers on iPhone

Again, I offer these up as a starting point. Once you’ve downloaded the files, edit and modify them to work best for you. How I have these setup works for me but everyone is different.

More quick tips like this, head over to the Tips & Tricks section.

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