Mail Bag – Where Can I Find Coin Weights?

US Mail Bag

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from Robert and it is one that can be a big hard to find the answer to without a fair amount of looking. It has to do with coin weights and more specifically, where to find them. They write… Hi, I’m trying to find a reliable source for coin weights. I have been looking online and find a lot of different answers and I’m not sure which to believe. Can …

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Quick Tip – A Coins to Buy List Template

LIncoln Cents

There are few coin collectors that don’t have a buy list. That is, a list of coins that they want to buy to complete a set or just to have as part of their collection. When your collection is small it is pretty easy to keep up with your buy list because, well, everything is on your buy list. But as your collection grows, it can be hard when you are looking online or at …

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Quick Tip – How Many Coins Are in a Coin Roll?

Roll of 2009 Lincoln Cents

One of the fastest – and frankly funnest – ways you can add coins to your modern coin collection is through a coin roll. Whether you buy a roll set from the United States Mint, or simply go get a roll or three from your bank, you can often find hidden gems in older rolls while finding great values in modern coins. Indeed, it is not uncommon if you get a roll of new Cents, …

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Quick Tip – A Simple Coin Catalog Numbering System

Coin Catalog Numbering System

When it comes to coin collecting, one of the early questions you will have to ask yourself is, “How am I going to catalog my coins“? It is a fair question and one that collectors have had to ask themselves for generations. The challenge is, once you pick a particular numbering system to catalog your coins, you are probably stuck with it for good. Can you imaging having to re-catalog hundreds of coins? Me either. …

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Quick Tip – PCGS Photograde is a Handy Grading Tool

PCGS Photograde

While it is great having grading books, there are times that having a grading app on your Android or iPhone device just makes life easier. This is particularly true when you are at your local coin show and are doing a stare-and-compare with a coin you are thinking of buying. One of the best out there is PCGS Photograde. It is an app available on the web, for Android, and for iPhone and best of …

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