The Simple Joy of Coin Roll Hunting

If you look back at how you started coin collecting, chances are it was one of two ways. Either you found something in your pocket change one day that caught your eye, prompting you to investigate and start collecting. This is how it was for me in my early teens. The other way many start is by opening up rolls of coins (coin roll hunting) and see what is inside, be it a brilliant new coin or an old one from decades gone. This is how it was for my grandfather.

Regardless of which way you started however, digging through old rolls of coin brings a sense of adventure. It is literally a surprise in every roll as you just don’t know what you are going to find. And when you do find that special coin, be it a rare mintmark from a particular year, or that “Wheaty” Cent you’ve been trying to find to complete your set, it brings a simple joy that is hard to beat.

Over the past few days I’ve been trolling my way through rolls of coins from my late father-in-law. Most have little numismatic value if you get right down to it but I’ve found a few gems here and there. I found a complete roll of 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar coins, most were in Very-Fine but there were a few About-Uncirculated’s in there too. I’ll have to spend more time actually grading them to get a better idea. Then last night I hit what I called the jackpot. In fact, I Tweeted about it I was so excited. I found a roll of Mercury Dimes in among the rolls of Dimes.

Now let’s be frank readers: There is little monetary or even numismatic value in this roll of Mercury Dimes. I did a search through them and most of them are in Good to Fine condition. But that’s not the point. It was a Mercury Dime I found in my pocket change in the mid-1980s that turned me onto the crazy hobby. For me, these coins have an unexplainable attraction that, when I find one, I can’t help but smile. Imagine then finding an entire roll of your favorite coin?

No matter if you are new to coin collecting or have been doing it for decades like me, spend some time digging through old coin rolls. You can usually pick them up at your bank as I outlined in an article last week. It will remind you or even rekindle the passion you have for our hobby through the simple joy of finding that coin or coins that are special to you.

If you are curious as to where to find a coin roll of old coins, you can always check out places like Amazon. There you can find rolls of all kinds of coins, many being unsearched.

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