Mint Sales Report – Uncirculated Silver American Eagle Continues Strong Showing

The United States Mint has released their weekly sales report for the 7-day period ending June 25, 2019. The report shows that the uncirculated silver American Eagle continues its strong showing, adding another 22,010 units to its sales tally. That made it the number one seller for the week. The popular bullion coin was released last month and how has reached a total of 112,315 total coins sold.

The second top seller was the new 3-coin America The Beautiful War in the Pacific Quarters. It was released last week and an impressive 11,264 of them were sold in the week. That put it just ahead of the 2019 Proof Set, which was third, with 7,532 sets sold this past week. That brings the Proof Set’s total to 352,392 units.

Here is the complete breakdown of the top ten selling products for the US Mint this past week. Note there are actually 11 items in this table as both the 2019 America The Beautiful Quarter Proof and Silver Proof Sets sold the same number this past week

Item Description6/16/20196/25/2019Increase
2019 Uncirculated Silver American Eagle9030511231522010
2019 ATB Quarter 3-Coin Set – War in the Pacific01126411264
2019 Proof Set3448603523927532
2019 Uncirculated Set2147202211286408
2019 Silver Proof Set2593822634864104
2019 Proof Silver American Eagle2832222852211999
2019 Apollo 11 Silver Proof1683771702521875
2019 Uncirculated Gold American Eagle146727031236
2019 Apollo 11 Clad Proof5411754766649
2019 ATB Quarter Proof Set5430954900591
2019 ATB Quarter Silver Proof Set5797058561591

The United States Mint’s sales figures are public record and are available each week. They start from the previous Sunday through to the next seven days. You can find the report each week at this link.

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