United States Mint Opens Enrollment Program for 2023 Morgan and Peace Dollars

The United States Mint has opened up a new Enrollment Program for the 2023 Morgan and 2023 Peace Dollar products. A total of five different products are being produced in 2023 for the series, all of which are available for enrollment. Readers are highly recommend to use this link to sign up for the enrollments they want in the series. Much like the 2021 coins, it is expected that the 2023 releases will be in exceptionally high demand. It is also possible, as has been seen this year with the American Women Quarter Program and American Eagles, that the products will be sold out through enrollments before they go on sale.

In other words, if you want a 2023 Morgan or 2023 Peace Dollar, sign up now – today – for the Enrollment Program.

Thanks to a report in the Federal Registry earlier this month, we already know the pricing structure for all five of the expected Morgan and Peace Dollar products to be released next year. They will be:

  • Uncirculated Morgan Dollar – $67.00
  • Uncirculated Peace Dollar – $67.00
  • Proof Morgan Dollar – $73.00
  • Proof Morgan Dollar – $73.00
  • Two-Coin Reverse Proof Set Morgan & Peace Dollar: $175.00

At the time of this article, all five of the product enrollments remain available. Each of the products above are their own enrollment so you can pick and chose which ones you want to buy. For those who are new to the Mint’s enrollment programs, it is essentially a pre-order where you are committing to buying the product when it is released. You can cancel these at any time but the benefits include being one of the first to get your order confirmed by the Mint, not having to deal with trying to buy a product on release day, and getting free economy shipping. The Mint offers a multitude of enrollment programs for its products, all of which you can find here.

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