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Coin Production Costs Outlined in The United States Mint Annual Report

Lincoln Cent Reverse

The United States Mint has released its 2021 Annual Report to the public. You can read the highlights here on USCoinNews. One of the key areas of the in the report is the “Cost of Producing and Distributing Coins by Denomination” which is found on page 12 of the report. The most telling – and damning – figure in coin production costs section of the report is the reported two cents that it costs the …

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Coin History – The Flying Eagle Cent

1958 Flying Eagle Cent Obverse (Image Courtesy of NGC)

Throughout the course of history of circulating coinage in the United States, few have had a quicker demise than that of the Flying Eagle Cent. The coin, fraught with die issues, lasted only two years. Those 1857 and 1858 coins, while short lived, from a numismatic perspective, are important. The importance is not just the limited production and short life. This coin, arguably, turned many onto the idea of coin collecting in the late 19th …

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Today’s Deal – 2009 Lincoln Cent Bicentennial 8-Coin Set

2009 Lincoln Cent Bicentennial Set

Today’s Deal is on a complete uncirculated set of the special 2009 Lincoln Cent Bicentennial set. This 8-coin set features both the Denver and Philadelphia Mint uncirculated coins with all four reverses featured that year. The set is being offered by SmyrnaCoin for $9.99 on their Amazon storefront. US Coin News is an affiliate partner with Amazon. This article contains links that, when clicked and a purchase is made, will generate a small commission to the site. Those commissions …

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Today’s Deal – Early 2000’s Lincoln Cent Proof Set

Early 2000's Lincoln Cent Proofs

Today’s Deal is an excellent opportunity to fill in those missing early 2000’s Lincoln Cent Proof coins into your collection. Right now on Amazon you can pick up a complete set of 2000-S through 2007-S Cameo Proof Cents for $17.99. That is eight Lincoln Cents in total, all in Proof state. The book value on these particular Proof Cents are $4 each, so you are getting this set for basically half price of book cost.  US Coin News …

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Today’s Deal – 1998-S Lincoln Cent Proof

1998-S Lincoln Cent Proof

Today’s Deal is on a somewhat elusive modern Lincoln Cent proof coin. The 1998-S Lincoln Cent had a low mintage and that makes it a bit more rare than the years surrounding it. Today on Amazon, you can pick one of these proof coins for $7.99 including free shipping. That makes it a little less than the $9.20 book price for this coin. US Coin News is an affiliate partner with Amazon. Today’s Deal articles contains links that, …

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